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Who says your 9-to-5 has to be all work and no play? With these office-based sports, you can get the best of both worlds and become the champion you were born to be.

1. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE (Two or more players)
Player A leaves the room, and the others then quickly work to swap or remove items on that persons deskspace. When they return they must correctly guess what has changed. If they spot all the differences, they win!

SPORTS TIPS: Increase the intensity of the game by not telling Player A beforehand. If they correctly guess all items without losing their cool, they win!

2. CHER-MAN OF THE BOARD (One or more players)
In an important meeting, players must try to covertly intersperse their chat with the lyrics of music icon Cher. A point is awarded for each lyric, with double points for I Got You Babe or Shoop Shoop. Winner is the player to mention the most titles without being caught by the meeting organiser. Loser – most likely – gets a verbal warning.

SPORTS TIPS: Advanced players can try playing with R Kelly (Bump N’ Grind), Black Sabbath (War Pigs) or Britney (entire back catalogue).

3. PAULA PEPERAMI! (Four or more players)
Easy to play guessing game, played over an afternoon. Players have to point at someone in the office, say their name and guess one object they have in the top drawer of their desk. 2 points for each correct guess, -3 for an incorrect one, and 15 points for a correctly guessed Peperami (classic Paula).

SPORTS TIPS: For vegetarians, try BARRY BABYBEL.

4. GRANDMA’S WHEELSPINS (Three or more players)
An alternative to Grandma’s Footsteps, players must pick a non-playing worker in the office and then proceed to glide towards them in their office chairs. If ‘Grandma’ looks up from her work then all players must freeze. If players are spotted, then they are out. If ‘Grandma’ suspects the game is in progress, then all players have failed and they must wheel away to their desk…or disciplinary meeting. Winner is the first to touch Grandma’s pen-pot.

SPORTS TIPS: Aim to disguise your freezes by acting like you are working, bored or “thinking out of the box”.

5. DESKTOP HOSTAGE (Two or more players)
Throughout the day, players must use stealth to steal family photos or toys from the other players’ desks and get them back to their own without being spotted. They must then call the victim’s extension number, disguise their voice and organise a swap of currency (paper clips) for their loved one. Winner has the most paperclips at the end of the day.

SPORTS TIPS: Be sure to double-check phone numbers before dialling, so to avoid accidentally telling Stan in accounts that you have his mother.

And that’s my round up of sports fit for the workplace. Got more? Comment below!

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