For over 20 years, James has facilitated performance workshops for a wide range of people – inviting them to explore their creativity through physical theatre, improvisation and storytelling.


In this workshop, participants explore how to tell epic stories using just their bodies. Practicing techniques in character creation, mime, ensemble work and sound creation, they will build a toolbox that can be used in devising their own work. 

In his solo shows, James has played multiple characters across a multitude of destinations. Using only his body, minimal props and some sound effects, he has taken audiences to distant lands, to space and even inside a rubbish bin. 

This workshop runs from 1-2 hours – and can be adapted to suit primary, secondary and adult programmes.


Since 2001, James has lead performance workshops for all ages and abilities: beginning as a college lecturer in the UK, then moving into primary education, then secondary, before offering independent workshops to a huge variety of groups and institutions. Relocating to Western Australia in 2019, he has since worked with WAAPA, Perth Youth Theatre and The Australian Institute of Theatresports – to name a few. 

Applying techniques and exercises developed in his own practice, he creates an environment where workshop participants can explore their creativity and voice through movement, character, improvisation and theatre-making.